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Residence Description

Situated on Abercrombie Hill (also known as Parker Hill), just South of and overlooking Castries and the North of the Island, the residence is accessed via the Pavee Road, then by way of its private driveway. Formerly known as “Norwood” or “Parker House”, the existing structure was built using the original stone walls of the building that was first constructed in the late 1890’s. These stone walls, of a workmanship not used nowadays – although senior contractors pay visits with their apprentices to the house in order that they may study the excellence of the craftsmanship of the stonework – vary between two and two and a half feet thick.

The area of land on which the residence stands is 30,668 square feet.

The building presently consists of two floors, the first floor covering 3,652 square feet and consisting of an open living room/dining room/library area, one bedroom, one bathroom and a kitchen. Outside the kitchen, in an area sheltered from the elements, the washing machine and gas tanks supplying the kitchen are to be found.

The second floor (2,556 square feet) consists of three bedrooms, an upper balconied passageway, a bathroom and a back patio. Adjacent to this back patio is a water storage facility measuring 16 ft x 16 ft with a depth of 13 ft, ideal for conversion to a swimming pool. The master bedroom has its own private balcony.

The front of the residence has, on the first floor, a balconied terrace measuring approximately 50 ft x 35 ft (1,750 square feet) – along with four washrooms that are for guest use. Steps lead from this floor to an upper outside terrace, approximately 30 ft x 32 ft (960 square feet) on which a covered casual bar is erected.

The driveway leads to a parking platform next to the residence, at which point there is an area of approximately 48 ft x 24 ft (1,192 square feet) capable of accommodating about 12 cars.

Plans are afoot to build an entertainment area below the parking platform and a lower-level terrace bar area; as well as the transformation, as indicated above, of the large storage tank into a swimming pool.

The description above however, fails to take into consideration the most important asset of the residence … the view. Freely acknowledged by everyone, visitors and locals alike, who have paid the residence a visit, the 270 degree panoramic view of the city of Castries and the North of the island is the “best view in St. Lucia and one of the best in the Caribbean”.

Words, even pictures, cannot do justice to the unbelievably breathtaking vista that unfolds before the eyes of the beholder. You are so near to the city, one almost feels as though you can reach out and touch the vehicles and pedestrians going about their business below; yet you have the capacity to see everything in the distance, stretching in a glorious circle from Green Parrot Hotel and Radio St. Lucia on the Morne at one end, to the Marchand and Entrepot area at the other, with everything North as far as the eye can see: Rat island, Pigeon Point, Windjammer Landing ... with Martinique sitting clearly on the horizon. It is truly mind-boggling. We say this with no reservations, merely echoing the comments of all who have visited the residence.

Add to that the seclusion offered by a private driveway to access the residence, making privacy and voluntary seclusion another exclusive asset of the place, and you can see why we have named it “Heaven”.